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How many of these sound like you?

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Why join the program?

As Empaths, we tend to struggle to see the silver lining in absorbing and blending with the emotions of others. Imagine what it would feel like to love and fully embrace being an Empath, including experiencing less anxiety around crowds and feeling overall safer and more protected in your life, day and night?

Sounds absolutely wonderful, right? But most Empaths don’t understand their gift and simply don´t understand how to navigate through life... they lack the information, tools and strategies to manage their “difference-ness” and build a strong energetic immune system. If you are an un-educated Empath, chances are you suffer daily. But: It doesn’t have to be that way!

This Integrated Healing Program for Empaths is designed to give you a powerful set of skills and tools to change everything in your world and help you to life your life on your terms. If you already know you are an Empath, and you’ve gained information via books and facebook groups over time, you might think this healing program is not for you - but let’s be real:

At this point we know that we can all get information on personal development and self-help on the internet…for free. Yet with ALL that information available, most people still remain the same and still struggle.

Why? Because it all is easier said than done!

After joining this program you will:

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What’s involved in the program:

For the last time in 2019, you have the opportunity to join a tribe of Empaths for community, support and accountability in learning how to make a conscious decision about whether you are taking on someone else´s energy and emotions. Participating in this powerful 11 week group coaching and healing program for Empaths, you´ll learn to enjoy the gifts and benefits of empathing. You’ll learn techniques to experience more freedom and peace in your everyday life.

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Are you ready to join us for an amazing experience that will change your life forever?

I signed up for the program because I wanted to learn the different types of Empaths that exist and how to protect myself, daughter, family. Growing up I knew I had special abilities, but I did not know what they were or why. Boy am I glad that I did take this program with you! I always feel so comfortable with you due to your kind demeanor and quirky sense of humor! I learned many tools to cleanse my home; my body, mind and spirit; my past and my whole family! This program is EXACTLY what I needed to understand who I am! I really appreciated that you added the part about Empathic Children!! This was a wealth of information for me as a parent of an Empath teen. It really helped me make sense of the confusing world my daughter and I lived in all these years. All that you explained was exactly what my daughter had gone through as a toddler, child and now young adult. It all makes sense now! She and I learned so much together and I have to admit, this class has helped us grow closer as we have something very special in common and we both love and appreciate our gifts.

This program is a must! It is a necessary tool to understand what it is to be an Empath and how to deal with the everyday issues and feelings that we go through, meet other Empaths, and most importantly, how to protect yourself and remain balanced in our world of muggles! LOL. I now feel so much more confident in who I am and more confident on how to protect myself and my daughter. I feel lighter, vibrant and fabulous!

— Olga P. CA