How will I feel after a session?

For a very short amount of time, you may experience traces of emotions that have been released due to the healing continuing after the session is over. Only about 20% of the population experience any discomfort. You may become very tired for a day and on occasion, symptoms may become a bit worse before they get better. You may also feel better than you have in years. Everyone is different and it depends on what you are working on healing.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different. It depends on how many factors are involved such as how long you have had the issue. Every session makes a difference on some level. Some clients have had huge changes in just one session and many feel better than they have in years.

How does a distant session work?

I work with multiple modalities including Health and Wellness Coaching, Reiki, Quantum Touch,  Emotion Code and Body Code.

Depending on what a person would like to work on healing, I use muscle testing to verify what combinations of work would be the most helpful as well as identifying the information that is ready to be released toward healing.  I tune in to a person, this works like quantum physics, I say a prayer for guidance, and begin testing to see what modality is best and begin doing energy work and or begin using a series of charts that mostly have been developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson for Emotion and Body Code work.  This tuning in and testing process has proven to be about 93% accurate in identifying trapped emotions, the age of person when the emotion or issue became a problem and often what area of a person’s life the emotion occurred such as home, spouse, school, work or family.  To clear and release the issue, I use a magnet over the governing meridian or if working at a distance I use representation of the persons governing meridian with the intention of releasing it. I love that it is permanently released and that the person’s family also receives healing with inherited trapped emotions being released.

Are face to face sessions better than distant sessions?

No, distant sessions are focused without distractions resulting in very effective sessions for clients. I have over ten years experience with distant sessions with clients all over the world. This method is actually my forte!

An Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner does not diagnose medical problems nor is a substitute for the need for medical attention or psychological counseling. What the Emotion Code/ Body Code Practitioner can do is discover and release emotions trapped in the body that are contributing to physical /emotional issues which then frees the body to balance with its own healing intelligence. Click here for Body Code Emotion Definitions.

What do the emotions that were cleared in my session mean?