“Animals are amazing teachers and profoundly worthy of healing sessions”

- April Walker

April’s connection to animals has been life long. Ideally, animals are treated in their own environments or via virtual / remote sessions.  Distance treatments are also very effective on animals, especially if they are far away or frightened. Appointments  may be used to help balance physical, emotional, and spiritual issues for your pets.  Energy sessions can be used on all animals large or small - most benefit from multiple sessions.

If you are interested in a session for your animal or you would like to organise a class in your area. please contact April via email.

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“Animals, especially horses, but really all of them, get energy, they do not require explanations, only that you invite them to receive and wait for them to lead the way”. Horses are extremely sensitive to energy sessions, I have had sessions long distance where the owner could tell me where I was working on the horse based on the horse shivering or moving in that area.

Horses are great teachers, I often include them in my Reiki classes for students to witness the amazing feedback from distance and in person sessions.”



“Cats are very sensitive to energy work and they like to remind you that they are always in charge. They truly benefit from distance energy sessions offered to them very respectfully, they will choose how much they would like to receive of this gentle form of healing.

I have two cats that like to help heal people when they come to my Sonora office and the person wants to invite them. They jump up and lay on the person purring at a level II Reiki vibration. Cats respond very well to all forms of energy work.”



“Reiki, Quantum Touch™ , Emotion Code™ and/or Body Code™ are very effective for dogs. They are the most natural treatment possible.  My vet always questions how it is possible that my dogs recover so well from any condition or injury and that they live so long!

Dogs are good for people’s well being, they deserve energy sessions to assist them in improving and maintaining excellent health. They are always very appreciative and expressive of their gratitude.” 

I love helping animals with behavior problems so that they can stay in their homes with happy owners!

- April Walker

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Supporting a good cause: Oakland Equine Rescue


In 2017, April was asked to facilitate a Reiki class for horse owners as a fundraiser for Oakdale Equine Rescue.

If you would like to donate and support the wonderful work of Oakdale Equine Rescue, please click below:

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Joy LaMons, Sonora, CA

“April is great with animals. The animals seem to know a she is there to help them. Her calm spirit and her techniques helped my animals overcome nervousness and pain. Animals know when a person is there to help them. Many of my animals have come from abusive or neglectful situations. In some cases both. My dog became more outgoing and has enjoyed life much more since her visit with April. My horse has overcome a lot of pain issues due to April’s help. April is a gift to the living for both humans and animals. Thank you April.”