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Amanda Silva, Modesto CA

“I was introduced to April by a friend of mine little did I know that my life was going to change forever. My husband and I have been seeing April since August of last year. My appreciation for April is hard to even put into words. I wanted to write a review to express the amount of gratitude I have for the services she provides. My husband and I had a heart wall done and I can honestly say not only did it save my husband and I from potential divorce but it opened us up to giving and receiving unconditional love. It feel like the “honeymoon” stage again.. No longer being tied to old emotions, habits and bad behaviors. I found out so many things about myself through this process and continue to grow spiritually. I will be taking my youngest son who is 6 to her hopefully by the end of February. I think that she is a benefit to the whole family. We will continue to see her on a more regular basis and I urge everyone to do the same. My life is changed for the best!! Thank you April you truly are a blessing!!”

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Molly Riter Mireles, Big Bear CA

“I’m getting a sense that this will actually be a massive shift for me. It’s like I needed to do this in order to progress to the next level. I’m so grateful! I’ve felt so vulnerable to empathic stuff all my life. Just walking down the street, I felt so much stuff from people. Living in a city can be really tough cause there’s so much energy. But I can tell that’s shifting. I took a walk yesterday, and it was like I was experiencing everything for the first time. I wasn’t overwhelmed or afraid. I felt refreshed and excited. I enjoyed walking around the skyscrapers and with all the people. That’s pretty rare. If this is what it means to have an empathic clearing – if this is what my life will be like – I’m really looking forward to it!”  

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Dr. Ralph Jeffery, Chiropractor, CA

“April Walker and her Emotion Code™ Therapy have become a fundamental component in my clinic where we see emotional stress as a key factor in biological disease. The results have spoken for themselves and promoted a loyal following among my patients and family”.

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Olga Macias Powell, Merced CA

“I first came across April's site on Facebook, in December of 2018. I signed up for her Yoga Retreat class and all I can say is "Wow!!!" This class helped me heal old wounds that I had no idea were affecting my spiritual growth. April is such a beautiful soul, she and I hit it off from the start as we noticed that we have so much in common. April is very welcoming, kind and genuinely wants to help people heal; qualities that I completely admire. 

After the beautiful experience of meeting like-minded people at the Yoga Retreat, I was informed about her Reiki 1 & 2 class that she was going to teach in February of 2019. I was already attunded at level 1&2. After my attunement with April, I felt stronger, more aware and almost as if I awakened from the fog-like world I lived in. I feel so much happier and lighter. I can see things clearer and can send Reiki with a faster and stronger flow now. I felt like a veil was lifted and I was led into another dimension of my skills (another level). 

I am so glad that I listened to my intuition and signed up for the Reiki 1 and 2 class, because, there, I met the most fabulous people that became my new Reiki family. Ever since we attended that Reiki class together, we 12 have bonded in such a way that words cannot express. I love knowing that I have a huge group of Reiki Angels on my side whenever I need them.

I am excited to take your Healing for Empaths class with you, Quantum Touch class, Master level Reiki and Karuna Reiki courses! I also cannot wait to work with you! Thank you April for these life changing opportunities! ~Namaste~””

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Lisa G, Northern VA

“April Walker is an amazing healer.  I highly recommend working with her. Her intuition and insight is impeccable and it amazes me every time she gives me information about what is going on with me, and things about my past.  Her knowledge and healing skills are many and she always knows which method to use and at the appropriate time.  April gives you true healing. 

I have April do a session on me every week and she has worked with me on many issues.  The most profound one I think is the subject of Abundance.  I own my own business, and it was not doing well.  April did a couple of sessions on me to release blocks that I have to success, prosperity, and abundance, and now my business is booming and I am ready to start my wait list for clients.  I almost cannot handle them all.  I am getting phone calls just about everyday for new clients.  It is incredible. 

If we skip a week (sometimes I have her work on family members), I can feel the difference and I am making sure I get a session with her the next week. She clears out, or corrects so many different types of negative energies that you are not even aware, but you know she did because you feel better, and lighter, you smile more.  Life and relationships therefore are easier and they feel better and lighter.  And that is what is important isn’t it, that you are happier and the people around you join in.  With April’s help, you can make this happen.  Thank you April!!”

Sean Longstreet,

“April Walker has been a tremendous source of support and guidance for many important moments in my life. Most recently she helped my wife and I conceive! We had been trying for nearly a year to get pregnant, and I brought this up during one of my session with April. My wife and I conceived the next month! I am so grateful for her help and presence“.

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Dean Clark Meyers-Hansen

“Emotional, physical, spiritual; we all suffer. Suffering is optional when it comes to April’s abilities working with energy healing - it’s not necessary anymore is what I am saying. Even if you don’t believe in it, energy healing flows regardless. What we don’t see can be the most powerful tools we hold. My journey started slow, and intermittently, but having my heart wall work done resulted in freedom of depression, self loathing, lack of peace, thought confusion, and misguided anger. It’s been several months now. 

Life is short. On our head stone we have a birth date and a death date and that little line in between. That little line is your life, what are you going to do with it. April’s energy healing has taught me to embrace that time with exuberance, laughter, joy, love, and peace. Not to say my backbone is gone, it’s fully engaged and my boundaries clear, but the freedom from self negativity is becoming a distant memory. 

Without a doubt or hesitation I recommend April; her keen insight, her healing abilities, her energy and dedication - it’s nothing I ever received anywhere else, and I have tried the realms of possibilities. If you can break free from old perceptions that hinder your want and need for emotional, physical, and spiritual health via energy healing, take the chance and call her. Take that chance and give yourself what your being has wanted for a lifetime. Amazing changes are right in front of you. This is my truth. My experience and the best I have ever felt about myself during my lifetime. Take it and embrace it.”

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R. Carr, Sonora CA

“Everything seemed to be going fine in life until I had a really bad panic attack out of the blue that really messed things up. My anxiety didn’t really affect my life till after that day. It became so bad that I had to take time away from work, and even driving across town was too much because I was constantly on edge of the next panic attack. I enjoyed working out, but the accelerated heart rate and slowed down breathing made it too much of a chore to continue because of my anxiety. I had to put working out on hold, along with playing the drums and other things I enjoyed.

After working with April, I can say my anxiety has improved to basically how it was before my initial panic attack. After she finished, I went for a run for the first time, and I there was practically no anxiety. I am finally able to start enjoying life again without the constant fear of having a panic attack for what felt like irrational reasons. I was skeptical at first because after sessions my anxiety would sometimes get worse, but since day one I have noticed a steady improvement. It worked perfectly for me because she did the work remotely. I enjoyed talking to her. On a scale of 1-10, my anxiety before working with April was constantly 5 or higher. it had decreased to a constant 2 with my anxiety occasionally spiking past 6. Now that we have finished clearings my anxiety is always at a 1. In situations where anxiety is normal, I rarely go above a 3. It is such an amazing feeling. Working with April is a decision you’ll never regret.”

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Tracy Cook Webster

“I wish I could see April every day! She is an amazing holistic healer. She has helped me grow spiritually & helped me physically. I have taken reiki workshops with her & have learned so much. She offers many different workshops & services. She has been a treasure to me”.

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Martha V., Germany

“Everyone things healing is pretty - make no mistake, the journey was brutal in every way. It is NOT an easy path. I always gets worse before it gets better.

I wanted to take my life more than five times in the process, even with April at my side. I was suffering so much, I just couldn’t bear the weight anymore. At the end, the pice tag was worth it. Life is finally worth living.”

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Dr. Lynn Lysko

“I have rheumatoid arthritis which affects all my joints, especially my feet and hands. I don’t know how it works or why it works but the treatment April gave me with the tuning fork immediately reduced the swelling in my hand within minutes. Additionally, I have had the tuning fork treatment for headaches. My headache not only dissipated, but it did not return. the tuning fork is an amazing must-try experience”.

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Do you want to experience more vitality, more joy and less suffering for your mind, body & soul? Work directly with April to transform your life!

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